Tegan Riding
Head Coach
Runcorn Swimming Club
Bronze level Coach
Qualified personal trainer
Cross fit and Boxercise trainer.


Tegan started at Somerville / Rivercity  as coach before accepting a contract to play for the W League Soccer Adelaide United  Lady Reds Team

Over the years Tegan has filled in as Head Coach at Runcorn on occasions and run our learn to swim program for many years.

She has competed at both State and National Level for swimming and soccer.

“My philosophy with coaching is to be a genuine role model through my own behaviour of active and healthy living, eating well and drinking plenty of water”. First and foremost, I sit down with the swimmers individually and we work out their short and long term goals and how we are going to get there. We talk about the commitment needed to achieve these goals and put a plan into action. Support and recognition can go a long way to these goals being achieved.

I see land training an important part of a swimmer’s training with building core strength a very important aspect.”

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